Sunday, July 4, 2010

Miley Made Producers and Directors wear Hannah wig

Mileys Interview With Popstar:

Advice for younger self: 'I would probably tell myself, 'Know you are going to have to listen to yourself talk A LOT. I listen to interviews sometimes and say to myself, 'Miley, what were you thinking? I was probably thinking about something else and on cruise control, and I realize that I never answered the question. 'Stay focused,' I would tell myself.'

On Hannah ending: 'We want to celebrate it by giving it a really great ending. There have been so many Disney shows and no many of them have great endings. Our show really deserves a big ending because it was the beginning of so many great things for Disney. High School Musical and Hannah Mont

I promised that on the last day all of my directors and producers would wear the Hannah wig. They would always tell me, 'Stop complaining about the wig. You only have to wear it for twenty minutes today!' Meanwhile, I'm thinking to myself,'YOU don't have to pull all of your hair up in there and it hurts!'

So I promised I'm going to pin curl their hair and we are going to glue on the wig and they all have to wear the wig all day, all of them! We are also going to make them wear heels, dress as Hannah, and they can't eat all day because it might ruins their Hannah lipstick!'

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