Monday, June 28, 2010


I know this isn't Miley news but
CONGRATS Charles Trippy! and Shane Dawson! for the TCA nom!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Petco Shoppers

Miley and Liam are cuties while they take Mate to Petco.
Wow hes gotten big!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

"Who Is Hannah Montana?" DVD Info + Cover --> "The end is in sight for Hannah Montana, as the show's 4th and final season gets ready to begin airing in mid-July.

Since the secret will soon be out to Miley's in-show closest friends, and then the world, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment is planning a very special DVD for November 2nd, titled "Hannah Montana - Vol 07: Who Is Hannah Montana?". This release will carry 8 episodes of the show, and is billed exactly as you see it above in our headline: a sell sheet sent to retailers is topped with the claim that "Hannah Montana's Biggest Secret is Revealed on DVD First!...The Must-Have Collection For Fans!" source eMileyHQ on twitter.

Hannah Montana Forever

More Hannah Montana Forever Promo pics

Hannah Montana Forever Promo pics

Check out some of the new promos for season 4 of Hannah Montana (Forever)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Sorry i haven't posted any Miley news the past few days, i got suddenly busy monday, but i will try to post from 5:00pm to 9:00pm on weekdays, but i will post all day on weekends

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rehearsal Miley

Miley Cyrus rehearsing for the MuchMusic awards in Toronto on Saturday. Don't forget to watch it, Miley will be co-hosting!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Miley tops the list

The Top 11 Teen Celebrity Entrepreneurs, according to Forbes, include: Miley Ray Cyrus, Justin Bieber, David Archuleta, Miranda Cosgrove, Selena Gomez, Jonas Brothers, Victoria Justice, Demi Lovato, Taylor Momsen, Keke Palmer, Dylan & Cole Sprouse.

Miley on her ear tattoo

Smiley Miley :)

Miley is all smiles while holding hands with boyfriend of 1 year Liam Hemsworth at the airport. Miley is heading to co-host the MuchMusic Awards tomorrow night, where Perez Hilton is presenting an award. It will be the first time she will be seeing him since he posted an upskirt picture of her on his Twitter.
Miley Cyrus says she'd love to be a director one day.

"I would have loved to have been able to do The Nanny because that's my favorite show," Cyrus said. "Her outfits were amazing, and I would have been like, ‘If I'm your director, you have to give me all the clothes!' "

well if you do direct one day Miley we'll go see it!

New Miley album and Tour?!

Is Miley working on a new album already? Nope. Mileys says her next album AND tour is most likely to happen after she is done filming her 2 movies, L.O.L (Laughing Out Loud) With Demi Moore, and Wake.
I dont know if i can wait that long!

Miley doesn't have time for negative attention

Miley On GMA

Miley Cyrus singing the revamped version of Every Rose Has It's Thorn with Bret Michels.
Miley Cyrus sporting a Bowie tee also sang her hit single Can't be Tamed, along with Party in the Usa and The Climb Friday morning on GMA.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Miley and Liam Dinner Date

Liam and girlfriend Miley stepped out thursday night to eat at a restaurant nearby their NYC hotel. Miley is NYC this week to Promote her new Album Can't Be Tamed.
Friday Morning Miley will be preforming new songs on GMA and do a duet with Bret Michels, singing Mileys version of Every Rose Has Its Thorn.

Miley Promos

Miley Cyrus posing for some MuchMusic Video Awards Promos
Check it out on June 20th @ 9PM ET.

Miley Doesn't Lip-Sync

Perez Would do it again!

Perez Hilton says hes doesn't regret posting the Miley Cyrus upskirt picture to his twitter, and he would do it again!

"I really do wish I could post that picture [on my website] because a lot of people ... are getting upset over an image they didn't see," Hilton said Thursday on HLN's The Joy Behar Show. "It's definitely not child pornography and it's definitely not illegal."

"You didn't see anything down there," Hilton argued, saying he would have decided against posting the picture if Cyrus wasn't wearing underwear. "I can't help it if America has a dirty imagination."

He also responded to Miley calling him an idiot on Ryan Secrest Radio show earlier this week.

"I would agree with her," Hilton said. "I would say I'm a very big idiot, but I'm having fun."

Perez Hilton is a weird sick freak. He should go to jail!
What do you think?

Liberty Walk about Mileys Abusive Ex?

Miley recently reveled her new song Liberty Walk is about someone in an abusive relationship.

As you may remember last year Miley stepped out in May with a mysterious mark on her arm, thats when she was dating Justin Gaston. So was Justin an abusive boyfriend? Is the song for him?

Miley not to press charges

Miley Cyrus will not press charges against Perez Hilton over the upskirt picture of her posted on his twitter according to a source.

"She just wants to move on," the source said To Enews. "She thinks it's the work of an idiot and wants to move forward."

Earlier this week on Ryan Secrest Radio show she said:

"That's some idiot being an idiot,"

True Miley,
What do YOU think of this whole Perez Miley thing?

PerezHilton+Miley Upskirt Pic= ABC not happy :(

Due to Perez Hilton posting a picture of and upskirt Miley cyrus, ABC pulled ads for The View from his website
"It's not a matter of whether you like [Perez Hilton] or not, it has to do with the morality of the issue. Miley is a minor, period. There are ethics involved in running an ad on a site that potentially violated the rights of a minor, and that is what the conversation is about at the network level," an ABC source told MSNBC.
Tsk Tsk Tsk Perez, this is what you get!

New Movie!

Miley Cyrus is reported to be staring in a new movie in the works! Shes been rumored to star in Lisa McManns' paranormal thriller novel Wake. It's the first of 3 New York Times best sellers.

Its about a 17 year old girl named Janie with the unwanted ability to be sucked into peoples dreams. Not surprisingly, she see things wouldn't rather see. But when she gets pulled into a terrible nightmare, Janie goes from witness to participant.

Miley goes to film L.O.L (Laughing Out Load) with co-star Demi Moore later this summer.
Shes also been confirmed to star in Wings.

Wow Miley, can you be any busier? You must be exhausted!

GMA Duet

Miley Cyrus will do a duet with Bret Michels on GMA tomorrow in Central Park. They are scheduled to sing the revamped version of Every Rose Has it's Thorn. It will be the first time either has sung the newer version of the song live.
Miley will also preform songs from her album Can't be Tamed, released Monday, June 21st.
Three days after GMA, Mileys much anticipated album will be released with a live show streamed on several MTV platforms.

Hairdo Hider

Miley cyrus, trying to hide her new hairdo, leaving the Gemini Salon in NYC Wednesday night after 9 long hours in the chair. Boyfriend Liam joined her halfway through.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

NYC Picture taker

Miley taking a picture with a fan, is in NYC this week to promote her new album Can't be Tamed, out June 21st

Another Tattoo

Does Miley have another tattoo?
It appears so

While at an airport recently Miley was spotted sporting a new tattoo,
That makes it 2 tattoos, I wonder if she has any more..........
hmmmm now this making me want a tattoo even more, but where

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Vote! Fan picked!

Vote for fan picked Hannahs
Only at Disney Channel!

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Hannah will live on Forever!

Season 4 of Hannah Montana (Forever) will begin July 11th!
The first episode will be called Sweet Home Hannah Montana, and is to be the only season shot in HD.
Some guest stars include
Ray Liotta, Angus T. Jones, Sheryl Crow and Christine Taylor

Airport Cuties

Check out this picture of Miley and Liam at the airport just after celebrating their one year anniversary this week. Can we say cute?

Miley and Liam Nominated for TCA!

Miley AND Liam are nominated for several Teen Choice Awards
Best Dance: Miley and Liam - The Last Song
Best Drama: The Last Song
Best Actress Drama: Miley - The Last Song
Best Female Artist: Miley
We're voting for ya guys!

The Last Song DVD Release

The Last Song is planned to be released August 17th, But the date is likely to change as of all recent Miley Promotions.

Can't be Tamed Release date changed

Miley Cyrus' Can't be Tamed Album release date has been changed. Instead of being released June 22nd the date has been moved up 1 day to June 21st.

Mileys Can't be Tamed Album Leaked!

Mileys week has started out bad. First the Perez controversy, and now 10 out of 12 songs off her her new album have been leaked! Poor Miles. :(
As you might remember last August Miley took to her (now deleted) Twitter to express her anger that her hit song Party in the USA had been leaked, days before its release.
On the upside Miley is celebrating her one year anniversary with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth this week.
Happy one year anniversary Miam!

Perez Hilton To Serve Time Behind Bars?

I bet Miley has something to say about this new controversy! Perez hilton posted a picture on his Twitter yesterday saying:
"If you are easily offended, do NOT click here. Oh, Miley! Warning: truly not for the easily offended!" -PerezHilton
The link took you to a picture of Miley Cyrus getting out of a car at a music video shoot without any underwear on.
She is under 18, and that is considered child pornography.
He quickly deleted the photo, but not soon enough.
He then posted a picture of Miley from that same day where you could see her underwear through her dress. The next morning he posted a video on his website called Perez speaks out,
where he talks about this controversy.
He says:
"She was clearly wearing underwear"

"Do you think I am stupid enough to post a photo of Miley if she is not wearing any underwear down there?"

Then why post it?!
So is jail next for Perez?